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Who Do I Help?

I help people who want knowledge. Knowledge such as: when the courts are up and running and how lawsuits and cases are being processed in the various counties related to home loans and ownership. Knowledge is power and I teach people how to fight back!  


How My Newsletter Helps...

Our newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest state and federal guidelines impacting laws, proposed legislation, and executive orders. I love to write and share my passion for legal insights and strategies on how to protect your home. I provide easy to grasp viewpoints on what is happening based on my discussions with people in the professional legal community.  

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Imagine If...

  • Imagine if  you could feel the certainty, security and safety of knowing that foreclosure is not the end of the world.
  • Imagine that you will be able to get through this financial hardship without having credit destroyed by bankruptcy.
  • Imagine coming out of foreclosure and owning another home in as little as two years.
  • Imagine having control of your finances and life to make the best choices for your family.


The Truth Is...

You can overcome foreclosure and live to see another day and even own another home. You don’t have to figure out everything on your own, or talk to the bank or their lawyer. You can and can feel safe and secure knowing that your foreclosure is being handled for you, and that you have regained control. 

If You Are...

Sick of feeling helpless and worried, or in despair over your home loan and not being able to make mortgage payments ... 

Tired of getting misled by loan servicing customer service people about your loan modification paperwork, or payments... 

Unable to get clear honest answers about what to do about being in foreclosure, or a strategy that meets your needs... 

...I'm the lawyer for you!


I have witnessed...

My clients have come to me in various states of emotional and financial distress because foreclosure puts them in crisis mode. They are frozen with the fear of losing their home, uncertainty about the future and doubts about trusting a lawyer to help them with what little money they have left. 

My goal is to educate consumers about the law and their rights so they can protect themselves and have better outcomes. 

In my 12 years of foreclosure defense, I’ve met with hundreds of homeowners, and it is in that moment I tell them that the world is not coming to an end that I get satisfaction. 

I live for that moment. Because in that moment I know I’ve made a difference in another human being’s life. 

You Will Learn...

... the mistake that 94% of people make in foreclosure that causes them to lose their homes. 

... what steps you can take to avoid foreclosure if you are in forbearance. 

... the most important thing to do to save your home if you are about to go into foreclosure.

... how to protect your home if you are already in foreclosure. 

"When I first met with Mr. Joshua Denbeaux I had had a few other meetings with other foreclosure  attorneys. Mr. Denbeaux was the only one who talked to me as a person, understood the mixed feelings involved and told me that first day: “Don’t worry. I’m on your side. There’s a solution”. Mr. Denbeaux has been working on my case for many months now obtaining very successful outcomes. They are very knowledgeable and innovative in their approach. They know how to turn the table on the lenders, and appropriately so. The firm of Denbeaux and Denbeaux has helped me beyond all expectations and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone facing foreclosure."



My Personal Guarantee

I will show you how to answer the foreclosure complaint and protect yourself without a lawyer at no charge and I will give you a free consultation no matter where you are in the foreclosure process. 

Common Questions:

There are many lawyers that explain the best way out of a foreclosure is to file bankruptcy, or to get a loan modification. There is no quick fix or one size fits all solution to foreclosure, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. 

Here are the questions that clients have had for me over the years that have kept them up at night, and fears about hiring or even contacting a lawyer with questions.

How long can I stay in my house?

That depends on a number of factors. I really can't say until we talk. Generally by working with me you will be able to stay in your home longer than you might imagine. After we talk you will have a clear idea of how long you will have in your home. 

I don’t have any money. How can I afford a lawyer?

I understand and I am willing to work with you if you are willing to learn to do some things yourself that can save you money. Let’s talk. I’m more interested in helping you. In fact, I’m just about the only lawyer who actively sues banks. You might wind up getting a settlement from a counter-claim and being awarded money. Let’s talk. 


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